TuffTrak XT - Extreme Innovation in Temporary Access

Checkers Safety Group's experience leading the field in delivering innovative temporary access and ground protection solutions, has led to the latest introduction to the TuffTrak range, developed following many years of experience gained within the most extreme weather, ground and working conditions. 

TuffTrak XT is the 'Extreme' product in the TuffTrak range, delivering a completely unique set of performance capabilities. Whilst TuffTrak XT shares many traditional TuffTrak elements, including the renowned 'Chevron Traction®' rugged nub surface, it incorporates several unique developments that make it distinct from the rest of the TuffTrak range, and more importantly, other plastic or composite mats..


Innovative Foam Filled Cellular Core

Incorporating a unique foam filled cellular core, TuffTrak XT has been specifically designed to create interconnected heavy duty temporary access roadways or working pads. The combination of a 'hybrid' 200mm overlap and an innovative cam lock connection system with the foam filled core delivers a significant first. Unlike other cellular matting systems, being foam filled, TuffTrak XT avoids the intake of liquids and reduces the threat of invasive species or cross contamination between sites. A core value of the TuffTrak range. 

Unique Four/3 Connector


Manufactured using a high molecular strength glass reinforced nylon composite, the unique Four/3 connector for use with TuffTrak XT is simple to use and highly robust. A simple 1/8th turn of the cam lock ensures ease and speed of connection for trackways or pads, locking adjacent mats firmly together and creating a semi-barrier to the surface below.

TuffTrak XT can be installed fast and efficiently in the most adverse ground conditions. Superior strength and durability at the connection point is delivered by the hybrid overlap that incorporates multiple fixing points. The unique format of these connection points creates the opportunity for positional adjustment of mats allowing the ability for deployment of multiple mat configurations within a temporary roadway.

Key Features & Performance

  • Cellular core construction
  • Unique Chevron Traction® surface nub design for maximum grip
  • Hybrid overlaps for extra strength at connector and corner points
  • 16 Connector fixing points
  • Unique format of fixing points allows for multiple mat configurations
  • Unique Cam Lock Four/3 connector
  • Constructed from Prime HMWPE material
  • Static dissipation
  • Tested to -40oC
  • 100,000 cyclic wear test
  • 6.84m2 (73.625ft2) usable surface area
  • 200 tonnes / tons weight load /m2
  • 50 mats loaded per 40ft container / truck

Specifications :-

Length: 4000mm (13’5”)
Width: 2000mm (6’8”)
Depth: 90mm (3.54”)
Weight: 350kg 770 Ibs