Zigma® in Oil and Gas

Land based Oil & Gas exploration, extraction and delivery (pipeline) projects are often located in very difficult and environmentally sensitive terrain which also experience severe weather and temperature conditions. The key challenges in deploying temporary access within Oil & Gas are similar to those in the transmission sector. See below how TuffTrak and EuroMat have helped deliver superior performance in temporary access and ground protection

TuffTrak oil exploration platform and storage pad TuffTrak delivering safe and stable work platform and storage pad for oil exploration rig TuffTrak access road and work platform during oil and gas exploration

TuffTrak used for various purposes and equipment on many North American hydraulic fracturing sites

TuffTrak standing up to the rigors of the Oil and Gas industry in Pennsylvania.

EuroMat / LibertyMat can sometimes be a cost effective alternative to heavier mats, even in harsher conditions

EuroMat used for temporary access on O&G drilling site TuffTrak temporary access and safety platform during O&G drilling rig exploration project TuffTrak delivering safety work platform and ground protection during O&G drilling project

EuroMat / LibertyMat providing work pad area in the North American wintertime

TuffTrak heavy duty work pad - reduced freight costs and increased Health and Safety benefits

TuffTrak XL delivering long lasting protection for environmental lining in the oilfield industries

TuffTrak base pad for water storage tank use during gas exploration project TuffTrak work pad and temporary access for O&G project EuroMat ground protection and work pad on O&G platform

TuffTrak XL delivering a substantial ground stabilisation base for above ground storage water tanks

All weather working platform, TuffTrak brings superior performance to the Oil & Gas industries

EuroMat / LibertyMat - a cost efficient, freight reducing solution to liner protection