TuffTrak® In The Field

The selection of videos below show TuffTrak® heavy duty road mat deployed at various project installations around the world. 


TuffTrak ST  German Transmission Tower 1


TuffTrak ST German Transmission Tower 2


TuffTrak ST German Transmission Tower 3


TuffTrak ST German Transmission Tower 4

TuffTrak transmission project in Germany providing temporary road for site access   TuffTrak temporary roadway for German transmission project   TuffTrak portable road on German transmission project   TuffTrak rental operation for german transmission temporary access project

TuffTrak ST Undergoing Testing Trials


TuffTrak ST Adare Manor Transmissions 


TuffTrak ST Vestas Wind Farm Project


TuffTrak ST Installation Time Framed Overhead


TuffTrak XT Extreme Customer Testing

TuffTrak XT extreme customer teting            

To discuss TuffTrak's products and how they have contibuted to the success of our customers projects, call the TuffTrak team on +44(0)845 643 5388 or email : sales@zigmagroundsolutions.com