TuffTrak XL+

Effective and safe vehicle traction is a key issue in every temporary access job and fundamental to the health and safety of onsite personnel. TuffTrak XL+ extends the capabilities of TuffTrak XL by incorporating an overlap connection system for faster installation and connection via unique Four3 connector.


Designed and manufactured as a solid 161" long, one piece composite mat and utilising a unique compression moulded process to provide support for loads up to 200 ton*, TuffTrak XL+ is the largest of the TuffTrak Series. The unique and innovative design features of TuffTrak XL+ make it an innovative addition to the market leading range in solid composite, heavy duty temporary road and access solutions.


Designed with safety in mind, TuffTrak XL+ incorporates a unique dual grip design featuring TuffTrak's unique chevron traction® surface and a reversible low profile traction surface both incorporating micro traction TM to further increase grip. The high grip chevron traction surface, comprising a broken pattern of rugged nubs, substantially improves the grip and mud dispersal during forward motion of vehicles or equipment and reduces side way slippage, even in the most challenging weather or ground conditions.


TuffTrak XL+ low profile traction surface is pedestrian friendly for applications where personnel will be the main user or in the deployment as working pads, drilling rigs and depot or storage areas. Compared to most other alternative temporary road mats, the low profile design on TuffTrak XL+ reduces the risk of ‘slips, trips and falls', with reflective markings for safety in low visibility or night conditions also specified as an option.


tufftrak xl plus tufftrakxl+ overlap temporary access roadway or trakway system

TuffTrak XL+ being used in access roadway for multiple passes of heavy duty vehicles


TuffTrak XL+ Ovelap mat with two connection points per side for trakway or pad formation




TuffTrak XL+ Connection:

TuffTrak XL+ has an inbuilt overlap giving a usable surface area of 7.2m2 / 77.5sqft. and are connected together using the sfast and simple to use, Four3 connector. Mats can be used to create temporary access roadways or provide safe and robust platform work pads, oil and gas rigs, crane operating areas and depot storage areas. 


TuffTrak Composition:

  • Manufactured from a High Molecular Weight / Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene blend, 
  • 100% recyclable at its 'end of life’ delivering substantial environmental benefits.
  • Chemically inert, avoiding leaching of possible pollutants.
  • Solid construction
  • Reduces the risk of being damaged by fork lifts or machinery, avoiding the intake of liquids or contaminants,
  • Reducing the threat of cross contamination from site to site.
  • Non-conductive, making it ideal for transmission projects.

TuffTrak Four3 connector


TuffTrak XL+ Four3 Connector