TuffTrak ST Heavy Duty Road Mat

  TuffTrak used during London Olympics 2012 at Greenwich
  TuffTrak in workpad formation and heavy duty flooring for major events
  TuffTrak access roadway for transmission project
  TuffTrak temporary access road used in remotely located transmission project
  TuffTrak used during filming of Downton Abbey
  TuffTrak being used as a working pad during the filming of Downton Abbey

With its unique and innovative design features, TuffTrak® is fast becoming the heavy duty temporary road mat of choice for key industries globally.

Designed in the UK and manufactured in the EU, it is manufactured as a solid one piece mat, utilising a unique compression moulded process to provide support for loads up to 150 tonnes.*

Zigma® understands that effective and safe vehicle traction is a key issue in every temporary access job and fundamental to the health and safety of onsite personnel. Designed with safety in mind, TuffTrak incorporates a dual grip design featuring Zigma's unique chevron traction® surface and a reversible low profile traction surface both incorporating micro tractionTM to further increase grip.  The chevron traction surface, comprising a broken pattern of rugged nubs, substantially improves the grip and mud dispersal during forward motion of vehicles or plant and reduces side way slippage, even in the most challenging weather or ground conditions.

The low profile traction surface is pedestrian friendly for applications where personnel will be the main user or in the deployment as working pads, drilling rigs and depot or storage areas. TuffTrak's low profile design, compared to most other alternative temporary road mats, reduces the risk of ‘slips, trips and falls.' Reflective markings for safety in low visibility or night conditions can also be specified as an option.  

TuffTrak is also ideal for remotely situated projects in the transmission, renewable energy and oil & gas sectors where the need for costly security is minimised.

TuffTrak® Composition:

  • Manufactured from either 100% recycled high density (HD) polyethylene, 
  • 100% recyclable at its 'end of life’ delivering substantial environmental benefits.
  • Chemically inert, avoiding leaching of possible pollutants.
  • Solid construction
  • Reduces the risk of being damaged by fork lifts or machinery, avoiding the intake of liquids or contaminants,
  • Reducing the threat of cross contamination from site to site.
  • Non-conductive, making it ideal for transmission projects.

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Every tonne of recycled plastics and waste material that we use can save on average two tonnes of CO2 compared to using virgin materials.