As part of the TuffTrak brand TerraRoad delivers effective and safe vehicle traction for temporary access  and fundamental to the health and safety of onsite personnel.


Manufactured from tough 75mm thick high density / high molecular weight polyethylene copolymer, TerraRoad® has been specifically designed to deliver a lightweight heavy duty trakway panel system, providing temporary roadways and working platforms for heavy plant, machinery and vehicles. The specially engineered surface design delivers impressive traction grip and dispels mud whilst vehicles traverse.


The panels are connected using a 240mm / 8.5" overlap construction with five built in quarter turn cam lock connectors, providing a seamless connection between the panels eliminating seepage of mud from the ground below. Optional on / off ramps can be attached to ease access to the roadway, while four metal lifting points in each corner facilitate ease of loading / unloading and speed of installation on site.


Being manufactured from Polyethylene, TerraRoad® can be deployed in areas of high theft risk. The unique conical underside delivers strength and load bearing while making TerraRoad lighter than alternative trakway matting solutions. Therefore less trucks are required to transport to site, making it ideal for the Electricity Transmission and Projects in remote locations.


The product also contains an additive within the material composition, which provides 20 years of anti-static protection.


TerraRoad used in access roadway on transmission installation project.


TerraRoad Lightweight Trackway Panel




TerraRoad Composition:

  • Manufactured from High Molecular Weight High Density Copolymer Polyethylene 
  • 100% recyclable at its 'end of life’ delivering substantial environmental benefits.
  • Chemically inert, avoiding leaching of possible pollutants.
  • Non-conductive, making it ideal for transmission projects.


3050mm (10') x 2240mm (7' 4") x 75mm (3")


206kg (453lbs)

Usable Surface Area:

6m2 (64.6ft2)


TerraRoad Unique Conical Underside