RubbaMat™ Temporary Access & Flooring Mat

  RubbMat delivering protection to delicate surface during construction work
  Protection from tracked vehicle during maintenance project
  RubbaMat delivers protection and grip when used within equestrian stables 

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RubbaMat™ is a lightweight manhandleable mat ideal for temporary access and ground or surface protection in areas where a softer surface is required or in areas where underlying conditions are better suited to more flexible matting.

RubbaMat significantly reduces damage to delicate surfaces, such as decorative stone paving or kerb stones, and RubbaMat‘s design is particularly suited for use in equestrian or livestock environments where adequate drainage and a softer mat with rugged grip is required.  

RubbaMat is made from tough, heavy duty, 100% SBR rubber and weighs 43.6kg.

RubbaMat has strategically positioned hand hold insets and connection points which make RubbMat easy to off load and deploy by a two man team.

RubbaMat’s chevron traction® surface comprises of a broken pattern of rugged nubs which substantially improves the grip even in the most challenging weather. The depth of the nub design also provides superior grip for horses or livestock, reducing the risk of ‘cast’. The nubs on the reverse side of the mat deliver an efficient source of drainage.

RubbaMat delivers dual functionality and an effective solution for temporary access and protection for sensitive surfaces. RubbaMat™ not only creates both a safer work surface, but the softer rubber delivers a superior level of protection to delicate hard surfaces such as natural stone and internal flooring.


Ideally suited for the following applications:-

  • Protective mat for decorative stone surfaces and internal flooring during construction, maintenance and civil engineering projects
  • Flexible pedestrian walkways, especially uneven ground
  • Equestrian and livestock flooring
  • Sports and leisure events
  • Emergency access routes



Material:    100% recycled SBR rubber

Size:         2440mm x 1200mm x 12mm

Weight:     43.6kg

Colour:      Black