Portable Path - Special Offer!

  • 100% recycled high impact polypropylene
  • Patented interlocking hinge design for pedestrian safety
  • Seamless anti-slip surface
  • Allows wheelchair access
  • Simple to install, unclip and reconnect!
  • Unique drainage and ventilation slots prevent damage to grass
  • Unique design avoids soil compaction







 min order quantity 30m2


Promo Code - PORTA10%

A truly ‘custom’ system design reducing time spent on site and simple to to install; an entire stadium floor of around 8,000m2 can be laid in a matter of hours.
The unique integral ‘living hinge’  gives the system strength, but allows for quick disconnection
Also available in non-recycled polypropylene - contact us for colours available

Offer only applies to recycled version