EuroMat® Features, Benefits & Specifications


EuroMat connectors 2 way, 4 way, hi-viz 'flex' and fast fit

Key Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty man-handleable temporary access and ground protection mat
  • Unique chevron traction® surface for optimal grip
  • Low profile surface option for pedestrian walk ways and outdoor events
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Fast temporary access and working areas
  • Avoids health and safety issues
  • EuroMat with hi-viz markingsAvoids property, heritage and environmental damage and reinstatement
  • Avoids vehicles becoming bogged down.
  • Light enough for two men to deploy.
  • Low transportation and handling costs
  • Extra hand cut outs – great for offloading from trucks
  • Connection options for different ground conditions and equipment
  • Non slip reflective markings and cats eyes for night safety (optional)
  • EuroMat Connection methods available from Zigma Ground SolutionsPremium 100% recycled or virgin high density (HD) polyethylene which is  100% recyclable
  • Simple to customise with company name, telephone number and website (minimum order required)
  • Designed and manufactured in  UK, Europe and the USA


Key Applications

  • Construction,
  • Civil engineering
  • Ground work
  • Temporary roadways and car parks
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Heritage sites; eco-sensitive areas
  • Sports and leisure events
  • Golf course and sports field maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Emergency access routes
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure maintenance


Key Specifications

  • Dimensions – 2400mm x 1200mm
  • Thickness – 12mm
  • Weight – 35kg
  • Connection Options:
  • 2 way and 4 way  urethane connectors with optional metal straps for heavy and tracked vehicles, inclines, slopes and cambers
  • ‘Flex’ connectors for heavily undulating ground
  • ‘Fast Fit’ connectors for emergency or short term  temporary access
  • Metal U-pins for slopes and cambers 


Every tonne of recycled plastics and waste material that we use can save on average two tonnes of CO2 compared to using virgin materials.

*The material strength of a EuroMat® on a firm substrate as tested by the National Physical Laboratory, UK.  The performance of all temporary access mats is subject to ground conditions and the weight and type of vehicle. Zigma® Ground Solutions Ltd, its agents or employees are not liable for any damage to existing ground or property through the use ofEuroMat®.   Qualified engineering / geotechnical advice should be sought regarding loading bearing capabilities of the ground prior to use.